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Issue 345
23 October 2011
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Chelsea beating videoed

OLD BAG: This is an archive story from Issue 131 - 13 Feb 2006
John Terry

Terry: Brutalised on tape


Happy slappers

Few bad apples

Fury as brutal savaging caught on camera

Premier League officials are under investigation after details emerged last night that Chelsea's 3-0 beating at Middlesbrough was filmed.

The shocking video is said to be in the hands of an Australian broadcaster who, it is alleged, was paid to shoot the brutal scenes at the Riverside Stadium which are to be displayed for entertainment purposes.

Happy slapping

The assault took place last Saturday and has left deep scars and emotional trauma for its victims. The video shows images of Chelsea captain John Terry skinned alive and midfield general Frank Lampard in pieces.

Chelsea Chief Executive Peter Kenyon, has demanded a full enquiry. "I am outraged that, not only does such a practise take place in this day and age, but the whole thing has been videoed for other people's pleasure. It's obscene."


Premier League spokesman Ernesto Cockgroupier, has acted quickly to reassure the public that such brutality against Chelsea FC is a one-off rather than systematic. "Let me assure all Chelsea supporters, particularly the rich Russian ones, that their club will be treated with the utmost respect at all times and any future beatings will not be filmed... not that there will be any more beatings of course."


Human rights activist Les Dyke believes that the Chelsea beating is the tip of the iceberg. "This sort of thing goes on all the time usually which much smaller clubs and it's always being filmed. I've heard people pay a fortune to have it beamed into their TV sets. It's a rip off... I mean an outrage."

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