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Issue 345
23 October 2011
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The two faces of Dave

OLD BAG: This is an archive story from Issue 194 - 8 May 2007
Dave Whelan, Eggert Magnusson

Whelan: Showing the way


Wigan's new back four

David Speedie

Speedie: 'Some of my best friends are blacklegs'

Confused Whelan sues himself

Lawyers' friend and Wigan Chairman Dave Whelan has threatened yet more legal action once the Latics go down next weekend. This time however the focus of his ire is Dave Whelan himself.

Get your writs out

Whelan, already building a legal case to help keep his awful club in the Premiership, has issued a writ against himself claiming damages for defamation of character.

"This man is dragging my good name through the mud," Whelan spluttered yesterday. "I've worked hard to build a solid reputation for myself as an honest businessman and fan of football. But Whelan's continued actions have tarnished my name."

League of gentlemen

The kindly old gentleman continued: "How can I make a credible claim for salary caps in the Premiership when he flouts the same rules in Rugby League. And then he's dragged through the courts for allegedly destroying the managerial career of a sick man."

Whelan had said that six clubs had banded together to fight the lack of punishment against West Ham - this is understood to have dropped to two clubs since the others have avoided relegation by winning games.

Speedie resolution

"Thank goodness we live in a society where the law can decide how competitions should end rather than leave it up to men running around on football pitch. And if this doesn't work, I can always send in David Speedie and the boys to heat things up a bit."

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