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Issue 345
23 October 2011
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Unfair game

OLD BAG: This is an archive story from Issue 268 - 13 Oct 2008
Little Hooliganz

Internet game: Irony, honest

England fans

Just like the real thing

Ashley Cole

Beguiled by skill and technique

Website encourages kids to show disapproval

A sick, new internet game is encouraging kids as young as seven to hurl abuse at professional footballers.

Ticket to deride

The game entitled Boos Crewz invites players to become the baddest, least patient, football fan in your "crew". You follow your team across the world with the express intent to pour scorn on the footballers you've turned up to "support".

Sick (sic)

Players are actively encouraged to boo, jeer, heckle and even pooh-pooh the efforts of honest, hard-working professionals. The website has been branded sick both by football authorities and those who play it (in the negative and positive sense, respectively).

"People have just gone over the top with their condemnation of our game," said head of sales and marketing for the developers, Louzer Entertainment, Ernesto Cockgroupier. "Anyone who has actually played it will recognise it as harmless fun at the expense of just a few stupid people."

No such thing as bad PR

The creators have denied that the game is merely a cheap way of gaining publicity by pandering to the sensationalist outrage of tabloid media. The company came under fire last year for its satirical serial killer game Operation: Ripper where players have to try and remove the reproductive organs of street-walkers using a minimum numbers of frenzied knife slashes.

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